Praise for Nursies When the Sun Shines

I am so excited: a book about night-weaning a toddler who still sleeps in bed with you! What a joy. I was sent this book and we LOVE it. It’s simple, illustrated so delicately, and shows bed-sharing and a supportive papa, and such a neat relationship. I highly recommend it! Mayim Bialik, actress and author of the new Attachment Parenting book Beyond the Sling

The text is simple and tender.. The illustrations in this book are gorgeous. The joyous expression on the child’s face when at last the sun has risen is just unmistakable. And the father kissing the baby’s head while she nurses is precious. I’ve met so many co-sleeping mothers of toddlers who find themselves acting as an “open bar” at night. And it’s hard to explain, in a way that a toddler can understand, that you want to sleep at night. By using the sun as a guidepost, this book does a beautiful job of gently introducing a system that can work for everyone. Tanya Lieberman, IBCLC, Breastfeeding blog

This is a children’s book aimed at moms who would like to encourage gentle night weaning…. The illustrations are beautiful and the text is rhythmic and engaging. “Baby goes to sleep, Mommy goes to sleep, Nursies go to sleep…”

“The marriage of stunning atmospheric illustrations and affectionate text create a perfect keepsake treasure.”

I got the night weaning book and wow, it is beautiful! …. It is such a refreshing book to read… I loved the pictures, how they showed an older baby nursing! And all snuggled up w/ the dad in the bed too. <3 <3 <3 Love it!!!" Julie H., IBCLC, Tehachapi, California

The language itself is rhythmic and it lulls young listeners with its repetition. “Baby” always comes first in this story, followed by “Mommy,” and then “Nursies” to underscore the primacy of the mother/child relationship that will continue long after “nursies” end. (I also enjoyed how the pictures themselves provided repetitions of a pet cat, which my son also enjoyed pointing to on almost every page.) Refreshingly, the book was not focused on the fact that the nursies were going to change or go away, but rather that nursies are something special for the daytime. Instead of focusing on the separation, this book builds to a reunion. The last image features a happy nursling latched on as the whole family snuggles together (even the cat looks pleased).

Nursies When the Sun Shines by Katherine Havener is the very first book I have ever encountered addressing the subject of night weaning. With lovely watercolor illustrations by Sara Burrier, the book shows a mom, dad and toddler going to sleep and teaches a child that nursing happens only when the sun shines. The book is absolutely beautiful and offers a wonderful approach to initiate night weaning….. The text is simple and loving; the illustrations are truly beautiful and add to the tender nature of the book.
Nicki Heskin, Breastfeeding Editor,